Welcome to Imprimatur Capital

Creating World Class Companies

Imprimatur is a leading international investment business headquartered in the UK and focused on the commercialisation of high-growth IP backed opportunities from universities, research institutes and other sources on a worldwide basis.

Imprimatur has a strategy of investing in the right intellectual property (IP) from its unique international partner network of leading universities.

We target and work with the best universities and research institutions covering our areas of investment interest and over the past decade we have built the largest and most international network of the worlds leading universities including many of the world’s top 100 universities (according to the most recent Times Higher Education Rankings List 2015).

Additional strong working relationships widens this network even further with geographies including the Americas, Russia, Asia, central, eastern and northern Europe and Australasia that are being constantly expanded.

Imprimatur prefers a proactive investment strategy where we identify key technology investment themes and then actively pursue opportunities within these.

We focus on commercially viable rather than technically exciting opportunities building value by converting investments into commercially valuable businesses.