About us


We have an international outlook with an Asian focus. Our strategy is to work with our network to identify and invest in best-in-class early-stage companies internationally. We work with strategic partners to then position these opportunities in key world marketplaces. We seek to nurture and provide hands-on assistance to our portfolio of companies, with our people complementing our investment.

We have a particular focus on, and a strong presence in, Asia, where we have significant: investment and financial markets experience; shareholders and financial partners; long-standing research institution and agency relationships; and active investments and business development opportunities.


We continue to make strategic additions to the portfolio in areas where there are major market opportunities to be addressed and our existing experience and network allow us to create new value.

We are currently targeting technologies that address two broad themes:

1. Enabling Internet of Things (IoT)- based smart solutions: including mobility, city services management, optimization of new industry performance and process, education, health and entertainment:

  • Big data
  • Simulation / modelling
  • Cyber-security
  • Gaming technology/gamification of business process, education and interfaces.

2. Enabling the new energy economy:

  • Energy Efficiency – building and city performance, device efficiency, control systems and sensors
  • Energy Futures – new materials, energy storage, renewable energy, metering and consumer service. 


IIML is a new vehicle that we have established and registered with the FCA as a regulated fund manager to utilise its regulatory status for any fund management activities we pursue in the UK.