About Imprimatur Capital

Imprimatur Capital was founded by experienced market professionals in recognition that finance alone, although pivotal, is not always sufficient to grow a successful business. This being particularly the case at the earliest stages of a company's development.

Imprimatur Capital brings together, under one roof, the combined disciplines of finance, strategy, operations and human capital.

The principal components of the company's business model are:

  • A selection of strategic relationships with universities and research institutes on an international basis that provide secured access to best technologies;
  • An international focus – especially new emerging territories;
  • Acquiring significant initial equity participations in exchange for expertise, services, management provision and seed capital;
  • A strong bias in favour of opportunities that are at or near market;
  • Working closely with investee businesses and recruiting senior management in order to improve the prospect of success and their future ability to raise additional funds;
  • A staged investment policy as a principal investor.

Imprimatur Capital’s international university network spans 14 different territories. In total, this provides Imprimatur with access to over 500 internationally renowned research departments and faculties. These territories include the UK, Europe, the Baltic Sea Region, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Brazil, USA, North and South America.