Major organisations in both the private and public sector are increasingly aware that connected technology, plus a combination of renewable energy and distributed generation, will massively disrupt the economics of industry and service delivery.

As part of our Technology Accelerator Services (ICTAS), we can deliver services, support and partnership that will increase the speed and efficiency of corporate responses to these challenges and augment in-house strategic commitments to innovation and adoption of new technology.

ICTAS provides:

  • Access to novel technology at an early-stage with a great reduction in opportunity costs for either evaluation or investment by a client;
  • International horizon scanning;
  • Prospect tracking and first engagement;
  • Investment preparation and readiness;
  • Strategic review to restructure company, governance and milestones to align with corporate outlook;
  • Referrals to and opportunities for co-investment possibilities.

The outcome is a cost-effective mechanism to track technology and start-ups of interest to deliver:

  • Pipeline creation and assessment to inform company foresight and strategic technology roadmaps;
  • Reduced opportunity cost in initial evaluation or investment process (i.e. assurance that candidates for investment are de-risked and ‘investment ready’);
  • Efficient use of capital – any capital invested will secure technical and commercial progress.

As a UK FCA regulated fund manager we can also work with clients on a fund of funds or another basis to help them deploy capital at an early-stage.  We will also work to leverage early-stage investments through access to local or regional grant funding such as programs offered by Innovate UK and the EU Framework Programme for Research, Horizon 2020.