Advisory Services

Since its establishment in 2003, IC has advised governments, innovation agencies, universities, corporations and start-ups on:

  • how to build effective innovation ecosystems,
  • design and manage funds,
  • enter new markets; and
  • secure the investments needed to support growth and innovation.

IC’s success has been built on the strength of its senior team and network of partners and advisors. IC’s network of experienced investment, finance and technology professionals gives clients unique access to the expertise needed to facilitate the growth of frontier technology companies and supportive innovation ecosystems. Whilst its long-standing connections with a wide international network of leading universities and research institutions gives the IC team unique understanding of and access to the world’s most groundbreaking science and technology IP. 

Supporting a technology transition

We are now in an era of unprecedented technological change, where traditional market structures are being radically altered as new technologies enable new business models. To date, the IC team have helped clients across Europe, MENA and Asia Pacific to develop vibrant innovation ecosystems. IC's influence and investment have enabled growth in innovative tech companies across the world, and the IC team has advised on numerous high-value transactions needed to grow tech start-ups into world-changing technology companies. This success is owed to the strong commercial expertise of the IC senior team who bring significant experience realising value within technology investment, not least within big data, edge computing, artificial intelligence, telecoms, MedTech, energy and smart city technologies.


Innovation Ecosystems: IC offer advisory services, at all levels, i.e. strategic, policy, implementation and deployment, on a regional, national and international basis. IC’s advisory services focus on the core elements of the planning, development and growth of innovation ecosystems, namely,

  • the identification, acquisition and deployment of the necessary assets to build a robust infrastructure;
  • the creation of key partnerships, in both public and private enterprise; and
  • the development of policy, good practice exemplars and educational programmes.

The IC team have significant experience in the development of robust innovation structures in Higher Education to promote and secure a pipeline of investible opportunities, having been instrumental in the operation of the UK's largest inter-university incubator and investment funds, and spreading this good practice internationally through advisory work with innovation agencies to develop new assessment and delivery frameworks for innovation grant programmes.

For more information please contact our head innovation ecosystems advisory Steve Hughes,

Fund design, investment readiness & financial transactions: As a UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) accredited investment group, IC can also work with clients to seek, broker and deploy capital, including on a fund of funds or other bases. Such work includes, investment readiness programmes, private placement and mergers & acquisitions (M&A).

IC has designed and deployed venture funds in the Baltic States working closely with EU supported programmes in a public/private co-investment structure. In addition, IC has leveraged early-stage investments through access to local or regional grant funding, having co-invested with such funds in the UK, Singapore and Russia.

For more information please contact our head of transaction advisory Christopher Hunt

Corporate Innovation: IC understands major organisations in both the private and public sector are increasingly aware that new technology will massively disrupt the economics of industry and service delivery.To corporate clients, IC offers:

  • technology and market horizon scanning;
  • investment identification; and
  • co-investment opportunities.

IC’s international investment and network activities provide a cost-effective mechanism to track technology trends and start-ups of interest which delivers industry intelligence to inform company foresight and strategic technology roadmaps; and a pipeline of investible M&A opportunities.

The IC team have worked extensively to showcase new technologies for corporate clients, from the establishment of new industry-supported research centres within front-line research institutes in the UK, to work directly with corporates to shape their technology road-maps.

For more information please contact our head of corporate innovation Dr Ben Ferrari,