SuperSQL database for real-time in-database computing of structured and unstructured big data and cyber security applications

Clusterpoint is a next generation cloud No-SQL instantly scalable database as-a-service software provider which has a critical selling point application of being able to manage transactions in an ACID compliant manner.

Currently, the industry sees a database as software that runs on a specific, owned or rented hardware, which takes care of data management and has specific hardware limitations. Clusterpoint views databases, as a cloud computer that takes care of data management in a scalable and efficient manner. Clusterpoint is a document-oriented database server platform for storage and processing of XML and JSON data in a distributed fashion on large clusters of commodity hardware. Database high-availability architecture, blends secure OLTP transactions, fast full-text search and real-time big data analytics in the same code. Fast ACIDcompliant transactions in Distributed Document Database and apply transactions in your distributed document database model in the same way as in SQL. Perform secure updates, search and reporting at high velocity and without database consistency issues plaguing the NoSQL world. The technology has been invented and implemented by Clusterpoint’s sector experts with experience at major global corporations.