AI & Data aggregation

Hertzian are an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company focused on building applications that help understand large volumes of customer feedback. Their applications utilise the latest technology to give their customers the tools they need to understand their own.

Their technology provides you with an unmatched degree of accuracy due to their ability to tailor applications towards specific industries or companies. This means that their applications can provide you an insight into your own company you’ve never seen before.

Whilst their technology can provide you with an overview of your operations, it’s equally important for you to be able to dive into the data yourself. That’s where Hertzian’s tagging and identification systems help. Their systems automatically tag feedback dependant on key categories for your industry & business giving you the ability to easily and quickly browse through the data yourself.

Hertzian AI gives you a new way to monitor your current operations. What do your current customers think you’re doing right. Or more importantly, what do they think you’re doing wrong. Through a combination of sentiment analysis, trend detection and data aggregation Hertzian AI can help you save money & build a better business.

What about the future? Hertzian’s prediction engine can identify future trends that will effect your business before they happen. Through a deep analysis of your customer feedback, Hertzian can predict where your market is going next. Hertzian AI can also identify the different types of customer using your business. It can predict how they will react to changes
and how loyal they are to you.