A Customer Experience Management (CEM) and text analytics software development company.

Leximancer pty Limited and Hypermancer Limited (see below) have reached an agreement to merge the technologies and businesses of the two companies and it is anticipated that this will take place in Q3 2015. Under the merger terms both Imprimatur and ICFM will each own 20 per cent. of the holding company, Narratif.

The technology for both companies emanates originally from the University of Queensland. Leximancer’s technology is a proven credible revenue generating product line for historical unstructured big data and is currently used by over 200 enterprise customers in 20 countries world wide. Imprimatur currently owns 26.60 per cent. of Leximancer. Hypermancer is a new product suite aimed at live data such as social media channels including Twitter. ICFM currently owns 33.33 per cent. of Hypermancer. The Hypermancer product suite includes:

  • Discover is for any users of social media such as Twitter who want to quickly find the conversations, key influencers and communities that are of interest to them but currently find that increasingly difficult to do;
  • Place is for those who wish to intelligently place their content or adverts in relevant conversations in social media channels in order to reach their intended audience;
  • Engage is for companies who seek full social media management capabilities with monitoring, collaboration and work flow tools (including Search and Place functionalities).