QS Biodiesel

Biodiesel technology company whose technology can be fitted to both existing and new biodiesel plants increasing yields and lowering costs.

QSB is a biofuel technology company which has developed a more efficient, lower cost biodiesel production process applicable to both new and existing biodiesel plants.

Current biodiesel plants often struggle to be economically viable, meaning many plants in Europe are sitting idle. Second generation biofuel technologies (based on novel fuel stocks such as lignocelluose or algae, or complex production techniques) could improve efficiency, but are still several years from market and remain considerably more expensive than current processes. Biodiesel producers are looking for technology improvements today that could allow profitable use of this spare capacity.

The process offered by QSB enhances current technology by using a novel co-solvent to convert current biodiesel production from a batch process into a continuous one. This means less energy is required to deliver high quality biodiesel faster, more cleanly and at a lower cost than today’s approaches.

QSB’s intellectual property comprises granted patents in the US, Canada and Europe, and further patent applications in Patent Co-Operation Treaty signatory countries and South America covering its novel cosolvent technology.