Gaming technology

Stormtide is an independent game developer based in Cornwall. The team is made up of passionate, talented gamers that are dedicated to creating high quality engaging video games.

Stormtide is currently working on a mobile title called Satellite Command developed in Unreal Engine 4 and coming to both Android and iOS very soon. Satellite Command gives players the opportunity to take control of their own Space agency and experience the challenges real space agency’s encounter every day.

Founded in September 2015 Stormtide originally came together when the team met at Falmouth University in Cornwall, during their degree’s the team worked very closely with Goonhilly Earth Station a satellite communication center also based in Cornwall. The project involved creating a realistic representation of space and satellite orbits for people to play together and learn about the intricacies of Space. After graduating the team formed Stormtide and got to work converting their project into a fully-fledged game to be published on mobile stores. The studio has already seen some success winning a games jam giving them an opportunity to show off an experimental title at EGX London.