We have built a reputation as a good partner. Our international network is extensive and forged from our work as both investor and adviser to public and private organisations alike, including 60+ universities and research institutions (in 14 countries) around the world, to provide a pipeline of investment opportunities and a network of technology advisers for expert insight on opportunities and investments.

Excellent working relationships have been forged with regional bodies, accelerators, incubators and regional and national governments that have secured the freedom to operate in multiple geographies, leveraged non-dilutive grant funding and accessed additional public-sector investment monies.

Our relationships with other investors worldwide and multinational corporates provide alternative sources of expertise, investment capital, business development opportunities and exit options.

In short, our network provides:

  • A pipeline of investment opportunities;
  • A supportive commercial environment to grow our investee companies; and
  • The means to exit and realise commercial value.