Clusterpoint Signs Partnership Agreement with Telia Latvija to Provide Database as a Service

24th June 2014

The new Telia Latvija service will allow growing business to process large data sets in the cloud.

RIGA, LATVIA — Clusterpoint, a NoSQL database vendor providing Database-As-A-Service (DBAAS), announced today a strategic partnership agreement with Telia Latvija, one of the leading telecommunication service providers in Latvia. In the course of this partnership, Clusterpoint will augment Telia Latvija’s cloud computing services with Clusterpoint’s DBaaS stack, running on existing partners’ infrastructure, to create a competitive alternative in the database market.

The partnership offers current customers the opportunity to keep their infrastructure in one cloud, use our readily available DBaaS, avoid setup and management, and pay only for what they use in terms of data. In addition, the partnership means users won’t have to be concerned with hardware provisioning or adding another supplier.

According to recent studies, analysts predict that in the coming years, most of growth in computing will be spent on the cloud as opposed to on-premise. Additionally, the percentage of U.S. small businesses using cloud computing is expected to more than double during the next six years, from 37 percent to nearly 80 percent, according to a study from consulting firm Emergent Research and financial software company Intuit.

The current cloud computing industry, led by the “Big 4” – Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), Google (Cloud) and IBM (BlueMix) - have been pushing proprietary DBAAS as an alternative to installing a database stack for every customer. This shared and optimized DBAAS creates massive utility for the customers, because each of them does not have to maintain and manage their own database deployment and common system for performance advantages.

“Information scalability is a must,” said Zigmars Rasscevskis, CEO of Clusterpoint. “Studies have shown that in a few years most of the data in the world will be managed by document-oriented databases. High-performance, ACID-compliant transactions are key to enabling technology for this transition. And now, by joining forces with Telia Latvija, we truly believe we are able to challenge industry standards and offer a competitive alternative to our future and current customer base.”

The choice to partner with Telia was not only due to the fact that they are closely aligned with Clusterpoint’s current customer corporate infrastructure, but because of their understanding of the needs of enterprise clients. Through this partnership, Clusterpoint and Telia will be able to cross sell and develop new products and services for future and existing IT infrastructure clients, where cloud computing is offered in a broader package.

“Today, most cloud computing vendors provide bare metal or visualized servers - the bread and butter of cloud computing - but this offering becomes commoditized since there are comparable computing resources out there,” said Mikus Ozols, CEO of Telia Latvija. “We decided that this was the right time to partner with Clusterpoint and bring on a value-add to our future product development. By augmenting Telia’s cloud computing service ‘Cloudy’ with Clusterpoint’s DBaaS stack, we’re now able to offer customers an instantly scalable database as a service solution - a competitive product we’re proud to deliver.”

About Clusterpoint 
Clusterpoint is a NoSQL database vendor providing Database-As-A-Service (DBAAS) for developers and small to medium size businesses worldwide that want instant scalability and massive distributed computing power for their growing database needs but without the hefty price tag. Founded in 2006, Clusterpoint has served business customers as an enterprise-oriented NoSQL database. Today the Clusterpoint database is used across different industries to drive 24/7 mission-critical web and mobile application solutions. For more information about our cloud-based service, visit

About Telia Latvija 
Telia Latvija was founded in 1992 and it is currently 100% part of the TeliaSonera AB group. 
Telia Latvija is one of the leading telecommunication service providers in Latvia having implemented internet and data transmission solutions throughout the all Latvian territory. By enlarging the range of services, Telia Latvija has built one of the most modern data centres in the Baltics, as well as is the first in the Baltic region begin to offer the latest generation cloud computing services based on this and other Telia Latvija data centres.

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