Evgen Pharma has first European Patent granted

4th October 2017

Evgen Pharma is pleased to announce the grant of the first European patent for SFX-01, the Company's lead product.

SFX-01 is a synthetic version of the naturally occurring compound sulforaphane, which has been stabilised in an alpha-cyclodextrin lattice. Evgen Pharma is currently conducting two Phase II trials of SFX-01, one in advanced breast cancer and one in a type of stroke called subarachnoid haemorrhage.

The patent granted today, which covers the manufacturing and scale-up of SFX-01, marks the first patent to be granted for SFX-01 in Europe, where a composition of matter patent is also pending. Today's patent grant marks the Company's eighth patent to be granted this year, reflecting the growth in the Company's patent estate.

The European patent, numbered EP2854861 and entitled Method of Synthesising Sulforaphane, can be viewed at this link: https://register.epo.org/application?number=EP13726846&tab=doclist. The patent runs until May 2033.

This core manufacturing patent has already been granted in the United States, Australia and Japan and is pending in other countries worldwide.

Evgen Pharma holds exclusive worldwide rights to all products, including SFX-01, and processes associated with the Sulforadex® technology platform under the terms of a licence agreement with the technology's inventor, US-based PharmAgra Labs Inc. 

Dr Stephen Franklin, CEO of Evgen Pharma, commented: "In March this year we stated that we would issue separate announcements only for significant patent grants in key territories and that we would give an update on all other grants in our full and half year results. We are therefore delighted to announce the grant of this core European manufacturing patent, which further strengthens our intellectual property position. This patent is particularly significant as it marks our first in Europe, further underpinning the Company's commercial potential worldwide."