Imprimatur Capital Technology Venture fund invests in headphones software start-up Sonarworks

6th JAN 2014

Imprimatur Capital Technology Venture Fund in Latvia has signed an investment of €600,000 in start-up company Sonarworks. This is the Venture Fund’s fifth investment since launch in mid 2010. Sonarworks has developed digital sound correction technology for a variety of headphones and speakers.

The global speaker and headphone industry historically has relied on analog technologies, however a major shift in performance is being caused by the expansion of digital signal processing technologies and consumer demands for high quality digital sound, particularly on mobile devices, headphones and speakers. The limitations of analog technologies restrict designers and manufacturers from satisfying consumer demands and differentiating their brands among competitors’.

Within a multi-billion dollar and growing market opportunity Sonarworks has developed unique technology that enables the easy and accurate measurement, analysis and digital correction of acoustic data to significantly improve the sound quality of headphones and speakers. The new capital investment will finance the international sales & marketing of Sonarworks’ first products, development of new products and Intellectual Property protection.

Toby Moore, Managing Partner of Imprimatur Capital Fund Management in Latvia stated, “Driven primarily by the strong growth globally of mobile devices, premium headphones is the fastest growing segment of the audio equipment industry. The Sonarworks team has demonstrated their ability to identify a great opportunity and to address a clear market need with a highly scalable software product. We look forward to working with them as they execute their business model internationally.”

Martins Popelis, Co-founder & CEO of Sonarworks stated that “Sonarworks mission is to enable music fans to hear their favorite songs exactly as the artist intended without investing a fortune in audio gear. Our technology will take music recording and reproduction to a new level, enabling everybody to enjoy such level of closeness to music that was previously affordable only to the lucky few. We are happy to see Imprimatur Capital believing in our team and standing behind our plan to make the world a better sounding place.”

Imprimatur Capital Technology Venture Fund has been funded by the Latvian Guarantee Agency managed and EU Structural fund co-financed holding fund, in addition to a number of private sector institutional investors and other private investors.





Toby Moore, Managing Partner, Imprimatur Capital Fund Management, tel. +371 67 365 275;;

Martins Popelis, Founder & CEO, SIA Sonarworks, tel. +371 29 441 838;