Burning Arrow

Gaming technology

Burning Arrow is an independent studio, set up in 2014, and located in Penryn, Cornwall.
The studio

The studio is made up of 4 Directors, who met whilst completing an MA in Entrepreneurship:
The Other 99 is Burning Arrows first title, and so far the project has been supported via the Falmouth Launchpad Games programme.

The Other 99 is an intense first person action survival game set on a windswept Hebridian island. As an ordinary person going about your daily life, you are kidnapped, waking on an island with nothing but a single note that reads ‘the only way off the island is through the other 99’. Players will be forced to make moral decisions as they do whatever it takes to survive. Do you accept the challenge given to you: to fight to be the last person standing and risk losing every ounce of your humanity? Or do you refuse?

On the island you aren't the only one to have been taken. Every person on the island has an individual personality which will adapt and change depending on what they witness throughout their time on the island. A person who has had to kill multiple people will be harder to kill possibly even insane as each kill drags them further away from the person they once were.