Jupiter Diagnostics

Point of care diagnostics business.

Jupiter is a medical diagnostics business that has developed a nano-crystal labelled technology called AmpCrystal, for delivering diagnostics at point-of-care in an accurate and cost effective manner in multiple segments across the global diagnostics industry which is expected to be worth £30 billion by 2020.

Jupiter has improved the performance of diagnostic tests signal detection, using its AmpCrystal technology, Jupiters’s platform can deliver parts per trillion levels of sensitivity and excellent precision, without any molecular amplification processes. This combined with its Solaris reader which uses inexpensive off-the-shelf electronic components means that Jupiter has the potential not only to create better lab based assays, but also to shift many lab-only tests (for pathogen, proteins and/or DNA) onto a simple low-cost handheld device. In this way Jupiter is able to deliver high quality results simply and rapidly at low cost (in a way roughly equivalent to commonly available pregnancy tests). Jupiters’s solution offers the first affordable battery-powered molecular diagnostic point-of-care platform.